The women's team "Tsmoki-Minsk" won the final series against "Horizont" and regained the title of champion of Belarus!

On April 14, there was the third match of the final series of the Belarusian championship in the "Tsmoki-Minsk" sports complex. Our women's team defeated "Horizont" and became the champion of Belarus!

The teams held the first minutes of the match at a high pace, exchanging hits. However, by the middle of the quarter the rates and the effectiveness have decreased . "Horizont" cope with the zone protection of our team and came forward - 17:18. But Rachel Teriot and Alla Muravskaya, who scored 12 points for the first 10 minutes, reduced the backlog to a minimum of 17:18. "Tsmoki" successfully held the ending of the quarter, hitting a three-pointer and forcing opponents to lose the ball in the last seconds.

Andrey Vavlev's team tried to fight in each episode. So, Victoria Gasper managed to take the ball from the Najad Auardad, and after the interception in the end of the first quarter Alla Muravskaya beat the center rivals and scored points from the three-second zone.

In the third quarter  "Tsmoki"  switched to the game through Muravskaya, Gasper and Teriot, finally. Our team was in the role of catching up almost all 10 minutes, but in the end got the chance and stepped forward.

The fourth quarter brought to "Tsmoki" championship. "Horizont" try to came forward, but at the last minute did not cope with our girls. "Tsmoki" managed to defend in the decisive possession and regained the title of the strongest team in the country!

Alla Muravskaya was recognized as the best forward of the Final, Victoria Gasper was the best center, and Rachel Teriot became the MVP series.

Tsmoki-Minsk - Horizont - 60:55 (17-18, 8-10, 18-10, 17-17)

Tsmokі-Minsk: Teriot (20 + 8 rebounds + 5 assists), Muravskaya (18 + 15 rebounds), Gasper (11 + 5 rebounds), Stepanova (4 + 7 rebounds), Sushchik (2 + 5 rebounds); Rybalko (3), Lappo (3), Yarmolich (0).Account in the series: 3-0

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