On February, 4  a match of the VTB United League has been in Kazan. "Tsmoki" did not cope with UNICS.

The game did not go from the first quarter. Kazan did not allow guests actualy nothing. For the starting 10 minutes the Minskers scored just 4 points, losing already "-21".

In the second quarter, "Dragons" looked much better. Filip Adamovic got from the perimeter, Aliaksandar Kudrautsau had the right to 3 penalties, and Maxim Salash effectively blocked the opponent. UNICS, however, showed a prohibitive percentage of throws: 8/12 from a distance and 59% in the amount of the game with only 2 losses. It is clear that with such statistics, the hosts were ahead to the big break - 53:25.

The third quarter "Tsmoki" started with 3 three-point hits in a row, forcing UNICS to go for a time-out. But the hosts continued not to miss the perimeter, and before the last 10 minutes of the game the difference in the score increased to "-32". Kazan eventually won - 87:62.

UNICS - Tsmoki -Minsk - 87:62 (25-4, 28-21, 20-16, 14-21)
: Saddler (11), Kudrautsau (10), Cherapovich (8), Meshcharyakou (2), Semieniuk (0); Adamovic (11), Gray (10), Kravish (6 + 9 rebounds), Trastinetsky (2), Korzh (2), Salash (0), Paliashchuk (0).

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