On January 13, "Tsmoki" played against the Krasnoyarsk "Enisey". "Dragons" lost in a difficult match of the VTB United League.

The new center of Krasnoyarsk Martins Meyers led the guests forward. "Enisey" made fast break by 12 points - 16:4 after his successful actions in the attack and forcing "Dragons" to take a timeout. However, by the end of 10-minute "Tsmoki"  intercepted the leadership. Aliaksandar Semianiuk scored with a foul, and Aliaksandar Kudrautsau fearlessly walked under the ring, gaining points and giving the assist.

The successful ending of the first quarter allowed to hope for further success, but unexpectedly "Enisey" "flew" from the perimeter: 8 out of 13 three-pointers reached the goal, and "Tsmoki" for a long break again had the role of catch-up - 37:48.

And after a long break, "Enisey" brought the score to devastating and "Tsmoki" went on a time-out at "-17". Coaching staff risked and moved to a new type of defense, in which part of the team defended the "zone", but the strongest basketball player rivals still kept personally. It worked. "Tsmoki" scored 12 points in a row, and in the fourth quarter came to the "Enisey" at distance of one accurate throw.

Unfortunately, instead of an even count, the Minskers got a spurt of 0-10 and missed the victory, not deadly, but extremely painful.

Tsmok-Minsk-Yenisei-74:88 (21-19, 16-29, 21-19, 16-21)
Tsmokі-Міnsк: Meshcharakou (14), Kudrautsau (12), Kravish (8), Adamovic (4), Cherapovich (4); Saddler (19 + 7 assists), Semianiuk (8), Trastinetsky (3), Paliashchuk (2), Salash (0).

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