On February 11, a match of the VTB United League took place in Minsk. "Tsmoki" did not cope with CSKA - 83:93.

Aliaksandar Kudrautsau opened the score in the match, the captain threw after the steal of Dmitry Poleshchuk. However, the "army team" who came to Minsk after the defeat in the Euroleague from the "Valencia" , was evil, and came forward to the second minute. They showed a high percentage of results and by the middle of the first quarter they had already scored 20 points, winning with a difference of "+9".

At the beginning of the second quarter, "Tsmoki" lost 20 points, but they didn't want to give up. Devon Saddler got from the perimeter, Maxim Salash scored with a foul, and David Kravish effectively covered one of the best snipers in Europe - Nando de Colo. By the big break, Minskers had "-13".

In the third quarter of "Tsmoki"  kept this difference long enough. Mikita Meshcharakou in the pass threw from under the ring, and Chris Cherapovich completed the fast break of the hosts. Only at the end of 10-minute "Dragons" slipped a bit, and CSKA immediately came off another 6 points - 53:72.

Minskers tried to return to the game in the final quarter, and at first they managed to do it: Justin Gray hit the middle, Aliaksey Trastinetsky dropped from afar after a spectacular assist of Filip Adamovich. Coaching staff of CSKA was forced to take a timeout to stop the players who found their game rhythm. Despite the fact that the difference in the score was more than 10 points, our team fought to the last minute, defending and forcing CSKA to lose the ball. Unfortunately, in the end, "Tsmoki" lost - 83:93.

Tsmoti-Minsk - CSKA - 83:93 (18:32, 19-18, 16-22, 30-21)
Saddler (23), Kravish (14 +7 rebounds), Cherapovich (12), Kudrautsau (6), Paliashchuk (0); Adamavic (11), Meshcharakou (7), Gray (4), Salash (3), Trastinetsky (3 + 5 rebounds), Semianiuk (0).

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