The third victory in the VTB United League!

On november, 12 in Nizhny Novgorod was a match of the championship of the VTB United League. "Tsmoki" were stronger than local NN - 91:82.

The beginning of the match against the "Nizhny" was a complete surprise. The hosts scored 19 points in the first 5 minutes, and conceded only 4.
But at the end of the first quarter "Tsmoki" returned to the game. The Saddler-Kravish pair effectively acted  in the attack. By the first break, "Dragons" lagged behind their rivals  - 18:25.

And at the beginning of the second quarter of the 15-points advantage of the hosts there was no trace: first Poleschuk got from the perimeter, then Chris Cherapovich scored three-point after the assist of Adamovic - 46:44.

In the final 10-minutes Minskers  made to worry their fans, but thanks to competent actions in the defense they managed to keep the advantage in the score. As a result, Tsmoki celebrated the third victory in the VTB United League - 91:82!

"Tsmokі" demonstrated their best attack in the VTB League this season. Christopher Cherapovich scored 24 points, David Kravish - 23, Devon Saddler - 18!

Nizhny Novgorod - Tsmoki -Minsk - 82:91 (25-18, 19-28, 17-18, 21-27)
Cherapovich (24 + 6 rebounds), Kravish (23 + 5 rebounds), Saddler (18 + 6 assists + 5 rebounds), Paliashchuk (10 + 9 rebounds), Adamovic (5 + 6 assists), Meshcharakou (4 ), Kudryautsau (4), Semianyuk (3), Salash (0), Trastinetsky (0).

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