Our team did not repeat last year's success in Minsk.

On November 5, "Tsmoki" met with UNICS in the championship of the VTB League. Our team successfully played against the opponent in the first half, but did not keep one of the tournament favorites after a long break and lost.

Aliaksandar Kudrautsau was one of those who twice in the last two years beat UNICS with the "Tsmoki-Minsk". The captain began cheerfully. 4 points brought the Minskers the lead at the start of the quarter. Christopher Cherapovich scored 7, Devon Saddler blocked the point guard Joaquin Colom on the perimeter, but UNICS went to the first break with an advantage of 2 points - 19:21.

 UNICS moved the ball quickly and  attacked with a high percentage. As a result, at the beginning of the second quarter, Aliaksandar Krutikau took a timeout when the score was 21:29.But by the big break UNICS came forward at "+10", and Max Salash closed the second half with a three-point bazer.

Unfortunately, the second half of the game was completely under the dictation of guests. "Tsmoki" tried to stop the attack of guests, but finally we had 45:67.

The last quarter was a formality. Devon Saddler performed a powerful dunk with a foul, David Kravish came after a classy assistant from a partner, but failed to make a comeback. "Tsmokі" suffered a third defeat in the League - 65:91.

Tsmokі-Minsk - UNICS - 65:91 (19-21, 14-19, 12-27, 20-24)
: Cherapovich (15 + 8 rebounds), Kudrautsau (10), Salash (6), Adamovic (6), Semenyuk (1); Saddler (9), Kravish (8 + 7 rebounds), Vabishchevich (3), Paliashchuk (3), Korzh (2), Trastinetsky (2).

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