We lost 3 points in a thriller match at Falcon Club Arena.

 "Tsmokі" had to be rehabilitated after the game agains "Astana". Unfortunately, our team losa a few palyers:  Gagich George moved  in the Turkish championship and Justin Gray  was ill and did not have time to recover for the confrontation with the Latvian team.

Nevertheless, the "Tsmoki" had a week to prepare for the match with VEF, while the guests had to spend the second match in 4 days.  Riga started the match with a 0-8-threatening, showing good defense.And our team did not get their shots and seemed to be getting used to the game without center George Gagicha. WEF acted much more quickly, so the middle of the quarter had already scored 14 points and finished at 10-minute status of leader - 10:20. "Dragons" finished with status of leader the third quaret - 50:45.

But we all know that a difference of 5 points in the fourth quarter  this is not enough. WEF has managed to build a 9-0 spurt, going ahead - 53:58. "Tsmokі" brought things to a heavy ending, but still lost in the last seconds - 69:72.

Tsmokі-Mіnsk - WEF - 69:72 (10-20, 21-13, 19-14, 19-25)

Tsmokі-Mіnsk: Kudryavtsev (17), Joyce (11 + 7 rebounds 5 assists), Milosevic (10 + 8 rebounds), Trostinetsky (10 + 6 rebounds), Semenyuk (4 + 6 rebounds); Meshcheryakov (9), Graves (8), Lashkevich (0).

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