It was one of the last matches of the VTB United League.

"Parma" came to Minsk as a team, who lost all matches in the season. Hungry to win basketball players started the game quickly enough, closed their zone and won the starting quarter - 16:19.

The second quarter was one of the most unsuccessful for the "Dragons" of the whole season. "Parma" attacked with a high pg to convercentage of effectiveness, and Alexander Krutikov "burned" both time-out, tried to change anything. But "Parma" was running ahead, and by the big break "Tsmoki" was losing by 30:49.

Alexander Semenyuk, who added 7 rebounds to 7 points, was the best in the first half. Alexander Kudryavtsev scored 6 points, and Antonio Graves had 5 points and 4 assists in the statistics. Unfortunately Justin Gray missed the whole second quarter. He left with damage to the "bench" in the first 10-minute.

Finally, "Parma" won the first victory of the season - 62:71. "Tsmoki" will go to Moscow, where they will play against CSKA on April 10, and the last home game of the VTB United League championship this season will be held in Minsk on April 16: "Nizhny Novgorod" will come to visit.

Tsmokі-Minsk - Parma - 62:71 (16-19, 14-30, 19-10, 13-12)

Tsmokі-Minsk: Kudryavtsev (13), Semenyuk (11 + 7 rebounds), Gray (7), Meshcheryakov (2 + 5 rebounds), Trostinetsky (2 + 5 rebounds); Graves (15), Ulianko (4), Lashkevich (4), Belyankov (4).

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