The men's team had the first match with the new coach.

On Saturday, March 25, "Tsmok" had a home match against the Krasnoyarsk "Enisey".

The starting lineup of our team had changes in comparison with, for example, the February games. Justin Gray, Nikita Meshcheryakov, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Antonio Graves and Alexander Semenyuk appeared on the court from the first minutes.

The style of the game "Tsmoki" has also changed. The team, which several days ago was headed by Alexander Krutikov, began to put pressure on the opponent from the first minutes, and "Enisey" could not open the score in the first 3 minutes. "Tsmoki" won the first quarter - 21:19.

In the second quarter, "Enisey" acted more successfully. The guests demonstrated an incredible percentage of effectiveness from the perimeter. The Krasnoyarsk team scored 9 out of 16, while our team came from just three times. "Enisey" completed the first half of the match in the role of leader - 34:45.

Vitaly Karpanov, the leader of the Drozdy group, did not let the audience "cool down" in a big break. The singer performed several hits.

Antonio Graves opened the third quarter with two hits, but it’s not helped us - 42:59.

The team of Alexander Krutikov offered the opponent a zone defense, with which he could not immediately cope. "Tsmoki" made a real comeback and made the score virtually equal in the fourth quarter - 66:67. The ending, however, remained for the "Eenisey": the guests had several successful attacks and celebrated the victory - 78:86.

Tsmok-Minsk-Enisey-78:86 (22-19, 12-26, 21-19, 23-22)

Tsmokі-Minsk: Gray (17 + 5 assists + 4 steals), Graves (15), Kudryavtsev (12 + 6 assists), Semenyuk (8), Meshcheryakov (6 + 6 rebounds); Ulianko (10), Trostinetsky (6), Lashkevich (4), Belyankov.

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