The last home game of the season in the VTB United League will be this Sunday!

On Monday, April 10, there was a match of VTB United League in Moscow. CSKA met "Tsmoki-Minsk".

"CSKA" showed inhospitance from the first minute 9-1. Our basketball players did not play in the attack at all, while the hosts got everything.

But "Tsmoki" could return to the game. Leaders were Alexander Semenyuk and Antonio Graves. Both players scored 8 points in the first quarter.

But CSKA showed a much higher percentage of hits, and if the ball did not fly into the home ring, then often enough the players of the Moscow team made a selection in the attack. By the first break - 20:30.

The beginning of the second quarter was positive: Justin Gray intercepted and forced the opponent to break the rules by earning an unsportsmanlike foul. A little later, Alexei Lashkevich realized another attack, and "Tsmoki" approached CSKA - 26:33.

Coach Dimitris Itudis reacted to the situation  immediately and took a timeout, after which CSKA added significantly and finished the first half with a difference of almost 20 points - 54:35.

CSKA increased the difference in the score smoothly and did not give any chance for a go-back. As a result, our team were defeated - 74: 109.

Thanks to this victory, CSKA won ahead of schedule in the regular season of the VTB United League. "Tsmoki" do not fall into the playoffs.

CSKA - Tsmoki-Minsk - 109: 74 (30-20, 24-15, 29-19, 26-20)

Tsmokі-Міnsк: Graves (21 + 5 assists), Semenyuk (12), Kudryavtsev (8), Ulyanka (0), Meshcheryakov (0); Lashkevich (12), Gray (9), Trostinetsky (5), Belyankov (5).

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