"Dragons" could not beat the champion of Hungary.

On November 1, in the Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár, local "Alba" met with our team "Tsmoki-Minsk" in the Fiba Europe Cup.

The team went to Székesfehérvár for almost a day, but despite the complicated players looked fresh. Nikita Meshcheryakov scored 6 points in a row. "Dragons" took the lead from the first minutes of the match and already by the end of the first quarter had an advantage in "+14".

In general, the Minsk team looked more powerful than their opponents in each of the game components.Aliaksandar Krutikau's team acted confidently and implemented not simple shots.

Center David Kravish did a great job in the second quarter, knocking down the attacking mood of "Alba" and not allowing it  to approach in the account. The American twice picked up the ball in the attack and scored 4 points.  "Tsmoki" was led with a score of 44:34 after the second quater.

The beginning of the third quarter turned out not very pleasant. The hosts could  come forward for the first time in the match, but Alexei Trostinetsky covered the opponent's throw. Almost 3 minutes both teams could not hit the ring, but Christopher Cherrapovich closed a quarter of the ultra-long three-point hit - 54:51!

But hosts, who in case of failure lost the chances of going to the next round of the FIBA ​​Cup, were stronger this day - 73:64.

Alba - Tsmoki -Minsk - 73:64 (14-28, 20-16, 17-10, 22-10)
Tsmokі-Minsk: Adamovich (20), Cherapovich (12 + 15 rebounds), Kudrautsau (7), Meshcharakou (6), Semianiuk (2); Saddler (7), Trastinetsky (6), Kravish (4 + 11 rebounds), Salash (0), Paliashchuk (0).

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