On January, 7 in Minsk, "Tmoki" played their first match in 2018.  "Dragons" did not have one throw to beat the St. Petersburg "Zenith".

"Zenith"started not too confidently, but by the middle of the starting quarter broke ahead. The guests scored 15 points in 5 minutes, forcing Alexander Krutikau to take a minute break. The time-out worked and "Tsmoki" began to defend more confidently, and "Zenith" hardly kept the lead to the first break.

After a hit by Evgeny Voronov, the score was 32:21 not in favor of the hosts in the second quarter . The scenario of the first 10-minute was repeated, Minsk began not too brightly, but even to a big break they have opportunity to come forward.

After the big break, "Zenith" made another attempt to break away, but "Dragons" did not give up. David Kravish led the team ahead, gaining 12 per quarter, but at the same time, "Tsmoki" still was behind - 54:59. And in the last quarter the Minskers could even come forward, but Devon Saddler did not realize the 2-points throw.

"Tsmoki" made a good came back, but with "-1" for 6 seconds before the end our guys could not make the winning throw. 81:82 and luck was not on the side of the "Dragons".

David Kravish is the best player today - 26 points,  8 rebounds, 3 assists, steals and block shot at 29:59 on the court. It seemed, Kravish did not notice resistance of rivals. David deservedly received the title of the best player and a prize from a partner of our club,  sports store Jordan.

Tsmoki-Minsk-Zenit-81:82 (16-19, 17-18, 21-22, 27-23)
Tsmoki-Minsk: Kravish (26 + 8 rebounds), Adamovic (17 + 11 assists), Cherapovich (14 + 5 rebounds), Kudrautsau (8), Meshcharyakou (3); Saddler (8), Trastinetsky (3), Salash (2), Semianiuk (0), Paliashchuk (0), Korzh (0).

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