We lost in Estonia.

It was the first game of "Tsmok" without of Drew Joyce. Coaching staff was forced to change the starting five. So, for the first time since March 13, 2016, from the first minutes Justin Gray appeared on the court. 

Our team missed a three-pointer in one of the first attacks of "Kalev", but then they managed to close in defense for 4 minutes, in which the Estonians did not abandon anything. "Tsmoki" at this time held a spurt 6-0 and, thanks to almost perfect protection, came forward.

Our team got several difficult balls from the middle distance and reduced the gap from "Kalev" to one throw. Unfortunately, Tsmoki left for the first break in the role of the lagging ones  because of the lost battle for the selection of "Tsmoki" - 19:15.

The beginning of the second quarter was not good  for our team. "Dragons" did not hit their balls, and "Kalev" did not forgive and answered with accurate throws - 32:20. But then "Tsmoki" had an impressive stretch, which scored 16 unanswered points and came forward - 36:32.

At the big break the teams left when the score was 40:39.

The third quarter was incredibly successful for out team. "Dragons" began a 10-minute with a breakthrough 8-2. But "Kalev" almost equalized the score to the last break, but the Minskers finished a quarter in the lead role - 56:60. 

 "Kalev" came forward after the three-point Mirkovich, our center Semenyuk and Lashkevich equalized the score from the penalty line, but then the Estonians ran ahead by 12 points - 77:65. The final score was - 70:79.  Justin Gray scored 21 points with 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Alexander Semenyuk and Antonio Graves - 13 points each.   

  Head Coach "Tsmoki-Minsk" Igor Grischuk: Congratulations to "Kalev" on the victory. The game was equal, but as it was clear, we really did not have enough playmaker today. We made 15 losses, which cost us 28 points missed - it's too much.

The next match "Tsmoki" will be at the Falcon Club Arena: our team will take "Yenisei" on March 25. The beginning is at 15:00. 

Kalev - Tsmoki-Minsk - 79:70 (19-15, 21-24, 16-21, 23-10)
Gray (24 + 6 rebounds + 6 assists), Semenyuk (13), Kudryavtsev (6), Milosevic (4 + 7 rebounds), Trostinetsky (1 + 7 rebounds); Graves (10), Lashkevich (5 + 6 rebounds), Ulianko (5), Meshcheryakov (2).

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