On February, 7 a match of the FIBA Cup was in Minsk : "Tsmoki" with a huge difference beat "Mornar Bar", and because of that they took the second place in the group and reached the playoff.

Aliksandar Krutikau changed  starting five. Dzmitry Paliashchuk came from the first minutes . The forward, who was the best in his position in the team in recent matches, made the defense of the "Dragons" even stronger, and the guests could not score points in the first 6 minutes. Minskers, by the way, made a breakthrough 11-0 during this period of time, and a quarter  was finished with a score of 22:10.

The defeat was carried out already in the second quarter - 39:19. Christopher Cherapovich scored 16, David Kravish made 6 rebounds, and the whole team showed a high percentage of effectiveness: 54% from the perimeter. It is not surprising that to the big break, "Mornar Bar" got a backlog in "-19".

There were fears about the second half, where the Montenegrins could make a comeback, but "Tsmoki", perfectly aware of the importance of the game, did not weaken the concentration of attention and brought the score to the indecent. In the fourth quarter, "Dragons" led 44 points, and eventually issued a major victory and went to the playoff - 84:45.

Tsmoki-Minsk - Mornar Bar - 84:45 (22-10, 19-12, 24-12, 19-11)
Cherapovich (24 + 6 rebounds), Saddler (14 + 6 assists + 5 rebounds), Kudrauvtsau (8), Paliashchuk (5), Kravish (2 + 7 rebounds); Gray (9), Trastinetsky (7), Meshcharakou (7), Semieniuk (3), Adamovic (2), Salash (2), Korzh (1).

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