We not extended winning streak in the VTB United League.

The first five players who were on the floor in the first minutes, was  Joyce at the point guard position, Kudryavtsev as an attacking defender, Trostinetsky located at the position of the third number, Milosevic and Gagich under the ring.

George Gagich won the starting tip-off - and the game is on! Alexander Kudryavtsev opened the scoring , George Gagich increased advantage to "4", but guests quickly recoup and come out ahead. "Astana" played smoothly in the defense, and our players not "flew". Therefore, by the end of the first quarter, "Dragons" was a little behind - 15:23.

That difference in the score, which appeared in the first 10 minutes, and kept up to a long break - 34:44.

The second half of the game was also exciting. We had a lot good moments. Unfortunately, every time "Astana" managed to once again return to the distance prescribed by the judges and technical fouls in the end of the match, put an end to the game - 70:80 not in favor of our team.

Igor Grischuk: "Astana" - is a strong team with a good game in defense. We slept the first 10 minutes and I think this is the cause of the defeat.

Tsmokі-Mіnsk - Astana - 70:80 (15-23, 19-21, 14-13, 22-23)

Tsmokі-Mіnsk: Gagich (17 + 9 rebounds), Trostinetsky (8 + 6 rebounds), Joyce (7 + 8 assists 5 rebounds) Kudryavtsev (6), Milosevic (2); Graves (18) Gray (7) Semenjuk (3) Mescheryakov (2) Lashkevich (0).

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