A few words about the game against Khimki.

"Khimki" is a difficult opponent, especially when you are guests. The team of Dusko Ivanovic divides the second position with "Zenith". It wasn't is not surprising that "Khimki" started the match with a 10-0 spurt. While "Tsmokі" tried to find the rhythm of the game, the hosts hit twice from the perimeter and Igor Grischuk had to take a timeout. "Tsmokі" had already made 3 losses by that time.

But "Dragon" were able back in the game in the first quarter. Milosevic and Trostinetsky came from afar, and Dru Joyce secured the success. But "Tsmok" couldn't take the lead, unfortunately. "Khimki" finished the quarter as the winner - 26:16.

"Tsmokі" not allowed "Khimki" escape forward in the second quarter. Paul Ulyanka successfully entered into the game and made two three-pointers, but the hosts had problems in the attack. "Dragon" won the quarter and came on 5-point distance to the "Khimki" to the big break - 42:37.

The third quater was bad for Dragons. They had 42:43 in one moment. "Khimki" took momentary pauses andthen  made a dash 15-1. The last 10 minutes our team tried to do the best but the final score became - 80:72.

The next match "Tsmokі" will be on March 20 in Tallinn, visiting the "Kalev", and on 25 March will be at Falcon Club Arena "Yenisei".

Khimki - Tsmokі-Mіnsk - 80:72 (26-16, 16-21, 24-15, 14-20)

Tsmokі-Mіnsk: Joyce (23 + 5 rebounds) Kudryavtsev (18), Semenyuk (8), Trostinetsky (5), Milosevic (5); Gray (6), Ulyanka (6), Lashkevich (1), Meshcheryakov (0 + 5 rebounds), Graves (0).

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