On January 31, the FIBA-Europe Cup match took place in Minsk. "Tsmoki" have revenged "Szolnoki Olay" for the defeat of the month old - 86:61.

Before the match, the head coach of our team Aliaksandar Krutikau noticed that it was very important to bring down the high tempo of "Szolnoki" . And the "Dragons" really played great in defense and for the first break the Minskers left with a good mood - 28:20.

Our team did not make extra shots and controlled the game. After 7 consecutive points, "Tsmoki" got the maximum advantage in the game - 47:35.

After a big break, both teams attacked with a low percentage, gaining a total of two points for 14 points in 7 minutes. And if the Minsk team managed to establish the attack, the "Olay", continuing to miss the game and the penalty, noticeably slowed and lost "-17" by the end of the third quarter. At the beginning of the fourth 10-minute, everything was decided: "Dragons" created a reserve in the "20 +" and avenged the insulting defeat in early January - 86:61.

Tsmoki-Minsk - Szolnoki Olay - 86:61 (28-20, 19-15, 15-10, 24-16)
Tsmokі-Міnsk: Cherapovich (22 + 5 rebounds), Adamovic (14), Kravish (13), Meshcharakou (7), Saddler (6 + 6 assists), Korzh (5), Kudryautsau (5), Semianiuk (4 + 5 rebounds), Gray (4), Paliashchuk (3 + 8 rebounds), Trastinetsky (2), Salash (1).

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