There is a second victory in the FIBA Cup!

On November 8, the FIBA-Europe Cup matches took place. "Tsmoki" played against "Charleroi" and won the Belgians.

It was a debut of a center "Charleroi" Rasco Katich. And he  scored the first points for his team. However, Aliaksandar Semianiuk noted two consecutive accurate hits. Teams began to exchange accurate hits, demonstrating high results in the first 7 minutes of the game. But "Charleroi" finished 10-minute in the status of the leader - 22:16.

Devon Saddler gave the "Dragons" the necessary energy after the first break and scored 6 points at the beginning of the second quarter.  "Tsmoki" closed the first half by the exact three-point  Christopher Cherapovich - 42:35.

The second half of the game started successfully. Aliaksandar Semianiuk made a block shot, and Aliaksandar Kudryautsau scored  5 points. However, "Charleroi",  could catch up  the "Dragons" and for the last break to leave all at "-2" - 57:59.
The fourth quarter began almost from the begining. Max Salash got "enduan", Aliaksandar Kudrautsau was accurate from the line, Devon Saddler threw from the perimeter  and "Tsmoki" got comfortable "+7" . "Charleroi" was forced to break the rules and send our players to the foul line. Fortunately, this did not help: "Dragons" won the second victory in the FIBA ​​Cup - 82:78.

Charleroi - Tsmoki -Minsk - 78:82 (22-16, 13-26, 22-17, 21-23)
Tsmokі-Міnsk: Kudrautsau (18), Adamovic (15 + 5 assists), Semianiuk (10), Cherapovich (4 + 7 rebounds), Meshcharakou (4); Saddler (15 + 5 rebounds), Salash (6), Kravish (6), Trastinetsky (2), Paliashchuk (2), Korzh (0).

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