On January, 10 "Tsmoki" have played a match of the FIBA Cup against "Szolnoki Olay". Our team lost to one of the strongest teams in Hungary.

We received 6 points from Szolnoki in the first 3 minutes and the coach of the "Dragons" took a timeout. The Minskers looked too slow in their attack. And after this  pause, it seemed that our game came back: Chris Cherrapovich went under the ring, and Filip Adamovic found  David Kravish - 4: 6.

But the hosts gave another jerk, this time - 12-0 and our guys finished a quarter with a "-10".

Because of the damage received in the end of the match with "Zenit", Devon Sadler was out of the game. The chance was for Vyachaslau Korzh and Siargei Vabishchevich. Vyachaslau made a rebound, and Siargei came from a distance and gave an assist. We got to a distance of 5 points and forcing the Hungarian team to take a time-out.

It is difficult to explain what caused the failure of the Minskers before a big break. "Dragons" made 9 losses in the second quarter, after which the "Olay" ran to a quick break and scored light points - 24:43.

"Szolnoki Olay" attacked a lot from the "paint". Just 26 points were recruited under the ring. At the same time, the Minskers literally did not do anything: only 22% from the perimeter and 38% from the middle distance.

In the third quarter of bad luck in the attack the Minskers continued: the ball did not want to enter the basket after the guests' throws. In an attempt to contain the attack of the Hungarians, "Tsmoki" went to the zone defense, but it did not help them - 79:45.

Szolnoki Olay - Tsmoki-Minsk - 79:45 (20-10, 23-14, 22-12, 14-9)
Tsmokі-Мінск: Kravish (7), Adamovic (6), Kudryautsau (5), Meshcharakou (5), Cherapovich (2); Trastinetsky (6), Vabishchevich (6), Salash (4), Semianiuk (2), Paliashchuk (2), Korzh (0).

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